Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can!

Today marked a sea change in US history with the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama into presidential office. I know I am only one of millions, nay billions, or dare i say zillions all across the globe who can feel this very real change resonating through the world. I will admit I don't really know enough about politics to say anything of value here, but in the words of a very emotional Beyonce Knowles, after her performance at the first Neighborhood Ball Inauguration Celebration, "this man was born for this... he was born to lead us... he makes me want to be smarter and more involved..." Indeed, he does. Let's just hope Obama can really come through with his promises, for we all know he has his work more than cut out for him. But hey, why worry about that right now, tonight we party! The man has 10 frickin balls to dance at! Who let the Obama out?

On another note, I too want to be smarter and more involved, so I have decided to actually start exercising my brain by posting on this here blog. I am making a pact with myself, and whoever will join me, to muster just a little more juice and become more active, (if only on the internet!). I held out for as long as I could but by golly it's time to embrace all the wonders the virtual world of social networking has to offer! 

As my oh so wise girlfriend said, "2009 is the year to max out," and to that I say "Yes we can!" 

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